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and that is an iPhone photo taken by the best instagram husband ever of me in my fave place in the world...South Africa. One thing about me, I can't go five minutes without mentioning I went to Africa. It was the trip that made me realize nothing is out of reach + if you dream of doing something, there's only one short life to go after it. It was also the reason I purchased my first ever "professional" camera because "I wanted good photos of the animals on safari." LOL. And now here I am with this biz of mine after being a cardiac nurse for eight years. 


Now I photograph love in all different forms across the East Coast (and further) and feel so freakin' blessed to do that. One of my favorite things in life has been making people light up and feel comfortable enough to be themselves COMPLETELY, and now I get to freeze those reactions in time so you can relive them over and over again. (Nelly, is that you?)  I still can't believe I am lucky enough to do that for people, all because I just had to have a frame-worthy picture of a lion. Thanks for being here, you're the best.

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it's me

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photo by Kallia Westphal

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This is my little family and they are my favorite people ever. They both make me laugh so hard and I love who they are in every way possible. My son is a tiny, blonder version of me, aka an absolute menace, and my husband is the exact opposite of us both, luckily. So when I'm not lugging my camera around and worsening my carpal tunnel, or editing, I'll be with them. Or I could also be getting a massage because that's probably my next favorite thing.

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some fast facts about ya girl

Fireflies are nostalgic to me, and that's how I want my photos to feel (nostalgic). That's why there's a firefly in my logo + sprinkled in other places!

I'm an enneagram 3 (iykyk)

I use emojis a lot when I communicate. They are an official language for me.

Some days I make loving McDonald's Diet Coke my entire personality.

I don't like doing things "just because that's how they're done" or just because everyone else is doing it (obvi). I like doing things that resonate with me and make sense to me. 

I become absolutely unhinged when any song that was popular when I was in high school comes on. Cue the worm with the poorest form that has probably led to my back problems.

I am in my "doing the most" era and I'll probably never leave. It took me awhile to get here but I fully embrace my extra.

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